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  treat yourself to crafted NON-ALCOHOLIC recipes full of flavour

We start with an idea, maybe from a recipe we have made from a cookery book, or it could be an ingredient we particularly love.  We use distillates and extracts from fruits, herbs, spices & bitters which we blend to make a drinks recipe…in our kitchen!
The goal is delicious flavours from beginning to end.

Spiced rhubarb

The fragrance & flavour of Rhubarb gives big impact in this recipe followed by aromatic juniper and ginger. A gentle chilli heat warms on the finish – Not overpowering but you know its there.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Spiced Rhubarb to 175ml of sparkling water, soda or tonic creates the perfect serve.

herb verde

The aroma of fresh mint and herbs sing in our Herb Verde.  The initial burst is of refreshing Mint together with the pea pod notes of Gentian, followed by  more subtle herby notes of Rosemary & Thyme.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Herb Verde to 175ml of sparkling water, soda, tonic or chilled green tea creates the perfect serve.

orange cinchona

Gentle woody notes from Cinchona & fruity Orange are the initial flavours followed by more zesty peel and herbaceous notes of quassia & oregano. Orange Cinchona has a gentle bitter sweet finish.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Orange Cinchona to 175ml of sparkling water or soda creates the perfect serve.


We’ve created some lovely non alcoholic cocktail recipes for you to try with our products. Most are using standard ingredients and make some 
really great alternatives for using your Drinks Kitchen Aperitif.  If you create any other recipes, then we’d love to hear from you and we can add them for the Drinks Kitchen family to try.

Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you.