Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We all need to think about the bigger picture; look at the beauty around us and try to do everything we can to protect it for the next generations.  The big things feel so big, it’s hard to know how we make a difference.  But being mindful and reducing usage and waste, reusing and recycling can all help.  Throughout our site, you can see examples of the beauty of our local area that we love and want to help protect. If you’d like share your local pictures then contact us and we’ll put them here!


Our bottle is beautifully crafted, as we hope you will agree.  How about you keep and reuse it.  We have lots of ideas below and on our YouTube channel for you to consider.


We made our Aperitif so that you can blend it at home.  If you choose to use tap water & a soda stream to mix your Drinks Kitchen favourite, you are substantially decreasing your drinks footprint.  Saving an equivalent of 8 plastic or glass bottles or 22 cans for every 70cl of Drinks Kitchen.  That’s pretty good way to buy!
Oh and the picture is Alli’s size 7 footprint & Percy the Pug’s size small.


Our journey during the start-up of Drinks Kitchen had some challenges, none more so troublesome as finding the perfect bottle. We chose ceramic for its product quality and to help retain our ingredient integrity.  Below are some ideas for what to do with our bottle after you’ve finished your aperitif.

Broken or unwanted ceramic may not be recycled in your kerbside recycling box as usually only mass usage materials are collected, but that’s not the end of the story. Most local recycling centres have collection skips for ceramics as ceramic items can be crushed or ground down into smaller pieces which can be used in several ways. Read the pull down list opposite to find out more:

Large pieces of ceramic can form part of builders’ rubble used to fill in landscaping and construction sites, particularly on driveways and roads.
Washing or tumbling treatments can smooth off rough edges resulting in colourful gravel for use in gardens and paving.
Some ceramic items can be ground down into fine dust, essentially turning them back into the clay mineral from which they were originally made. Since the minerals used to make certain high-quality ceramic components are becoming rare, this form of recycling is gaining more attention lately.




When we first started thinking about making our drinks, we knew that we wanted a range which you mix at home; like a spirit or aperitif.  So many drinks are ‘ready to drink’ but that just means even more packaging to recycle or reuse.

When we create our recipes in the kitchen, we use a soda stream to make them into the carbonated ‘ready to drink’ version. We are not paid by them in anyway but this is just a great way to make fizzy drinks at home and truly cut down on packaging.  We have some videos showing how we use it below.

You can also use still tap water to make our drinks and many of our cocktail recipes use still tap water too.

If you do want to mix with tonic, soda water or lemonade, then of course many of you will buy this anyway for other drinks for the family.


But we believe our bottle is a joy to behold and offers a multitude of possible uses, from a lovely bottle for chilled table water, you can use it as a candle stick holder, a vase, plant pot & salt pinch-pot.

Having been inspired by endless Pinterest lighting projects, Neil made a lamp and many other things.  See below some of our creations to inspire you.

Let’s get re-using this beautiful bottle!

We’d love to hear your ideas and uses. Drop us a line at

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