Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Aperitif 475ml

Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Apertif is a complex zesty & slightly bitter non-alcoholic aperitif to enjoy mixed with sparkling water, soda or tonic. Its recipe has been crafted to celebrate Italian Aperitvo recipes and give you a special non-alcoholic treat.
Taste of the West Silver 2021, Great Taste 2 stars 2021, 1 star 2022. 19 Servings per bottle.


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What's it like?

Woody & fruity Orange are the initial flavours you taste followed by more zesty orange notes and the herbaceous notes of herbs like quassia & oregano with a gentle bitter and sweet finish. If you love Italian aperitif like Aperol, Campari or Angostura, this is right up your street.

Pair With:

This is perfectly delicious on its own as an aperitif, or digestif but it will stand up to most red meats or rich pasta suppers and charcuterie boards.

Serving Suggestions


Measure 25ml of Orange Cinchona into a glass with some ice and top with 175ml sparkling water. (We use a soda stream but you can use bottled or if you have one of those fancy taps!)


-Mix as above with still water if you like your
drinks without fizz
-Mix with tonic if you want to add more
bitterness (but cinchona is natural quinine so maybe try it with sparkling water first) or soda for a more mineral flavour


Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Cinchona Bark Extract, Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Botanical Distillates and Extracts, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Bitter Orange Extract.



When diluted
according to

Energy KJ89178
Energy Kcal2142
of which Saturates0.00.0
of which Sugars4,99.7


Once opened, although not essential, we recommend storing refrigerated.
Use within 3 months of opening and within the best before date on the bottle

Servings Per Bottle


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