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From a Broken Arm & S Club 7 to Starting a Business!

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Stories | 0 comments

My friend Neil and I are starting a business making non-alcoholic drinks.  We both wanted to have something grown up and full of flavour to drink on days when we are being good and not drinking wine.  For me, that’s something I am trying to do more and more. As much as I love a massive glass of New Zealand sauvignon, it just doesn’t love me back the same anymore!

Neil and I have worked together creating drinks for other companies on and off, since around 2000. At first, we were just work colleagues.  Then one day I had a run in with the cleats on my new bike pedals and broke my arm.  Lucky Neil got allocated the job of picking me up for work each day.

I think we first really bonded over S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the stars’ which we car danced to on the journey home from work.  Then I moved into the same village as Neil (poor guy couldn’t get away) and, as I was living on my own with 3 young children, Neil & his husband David, became my regular dinner dates, at my house mostly and we became really close friends, like family really, to me and the kids.

Much wine has passed under the bridge since the heady S Club 7 days; Take That reforming, One Direction breaking up….so many great songs danced to. We have been through so many great times together both career wise and personally. The ultimate must be when finally, I fell in love with Dazzle (Darren). 3 house moves and a new bigger ready-made family of 7 later, we got married and Neil was, of course, the best man at our wedding.

Who would have thought a broken arm could be the start of something so fantastic.  And now to this, starting a business: Drinks Kitchen.  What’s been a common bond for Neil and me over all these years, is our passion for fabulous food and drink.  We love flavour. We are excited by it…whether it’s the drinks we make, the dinner we cook or the meal we enjoy together at a restaurant.

So, it’s time.  We hope you love what we make and come on this new journey with us. Let us know what you want to dance to!