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We create recipes using natural distillates & extracts from ingredients you use in your kitchen like orange, thyme, chilli & mint.

REVIEW: "Drinks Kitchen Aperitifs? Delicious Cool Ambrosia!"

“These beautifully and sustainably packaged bottles each deliver their own unique grown-up flavour experience.  Orange Cinchona is my non-alcoholic amber nectar; made long with sparkling water, it’s refreshingly satisfying with layers of flavour so unusual yet moreish, it’s hard to resist a second. Spiced Rhubarb & tonic with ice and a slice is refined sophistication and with notes of aromatic juniper, it’s hard to believe its not a G&T.  Herb Verde with Mediterranean tonic is the taste of holidays for me.  A cool glass of this immediately transports me to a beach-side bar in the Balearics – just heavenly.

Do yourself a flavour favour and give Drinks Kitchen a try”.

Rachael. Bradford On Avon


“We have been offering DK non-alcoholic aperitif in our restaurant for over 6 months now and our customers love it. It offers something a little bit different and special to our non-drinking customers. There is something for everyone in terms of flavour. The sweet Rhubarb, The bitter Orange and the Green herb. In their unusual ceramic bottles they look great too!”

Caroline @ Chefs Table


“I was introduced to this non-alcoholic drink at a festival and fell in love with the design of the bottle, so different to so many on the market already. Then I tried the product and the passion from Alli was obvious and it tastes great! I’ve had it on my back bar for some time now and it sells really well.”

Mary Galer, Miller of Mansfield, Goring


“We have tried all 3 of the non-alcoholic aperitifs and can highly recommend them all.  They were fabulous as an early evening drink, an alternative to the ‘gin & tonic’ and so delicious that it felt like a real treat. We enjoyed ours with sparkling water, this allowed the flavours of the aperitif to shine through.

My absolute favourite is the Orange Cinchona – I’m such a Negroni fan, it really has that vibe and my partner loved the Herb Verde which has a fresh and herby G&T taste”.

Helena A, Bristol

  • Herb Verde non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

  • Spiced Rhubarb non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

  • Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

  • Non Alcoholic Aperitif

    Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl

  • Award winning Non-alcoholic Aperitif

    Spiced Rhubarb non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl

  • Non alcoholic aperitif Herb Verde Champion

    Herb Verde non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl



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Drinks Kitchen Aperitif are something special for you to enjoy without alcohol. The recipes use distillates and extracts from fruits, herbs, spices & bitters blended to make a drinks kitchen aperitif packed with flavour.
The goal is delicious flavours from beginning to end. Handmade by Alli in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

"These drinks help me make that transition from work to relaxing in the evening. In the past, I would have a glass of wine but I really wanted to cut down and change that habit because I felt my alcohol consumption was unhealthy." Alli.

New customers ask whether or not it's a Non Alcoholic Gin or Spirit.  How you use it is similar but you can just use sparkling water for your mixer as it's  packed with flavour and perfectly balanced without the need for tonic - but of-course, mix to suit your preference.

Spiced rhubarb

The fragrance & flavour of Rhubarb gives big impact in this recipe followed by aromatic juniper and ginger. A gentle chilli heat warms on the finish – Not overpowering but you know its there.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Spiced Rhubarb to 175ml of sparkling water, soda or tonic creates the perfect serve.

herb verde

The aroma of fresh mint and herbs sing in our Herb Verde.  The initial burst is of refreshing Mint together with the pea pod notes of Gentian, followed by  more subtle herby notes of Rosemary & Thyme.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Herb Verde to 175ml of sparkling water, soda, tonic or chilled green tea creates the perfect serve.

orange cinchona

Gentle woody notes from Cinchona & fruity Orange are the initial flavours followed by more zesty peel and herbaceous notes of quassia & oregano. Orange Cinchona has a gentle bitter sweet finish.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Orange Cinchona to 175ml of sparkling water or soda creates the perfect serve.

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We use distillates & extracts made from best quality ingredients. All Vegan & Gluten free.


We have concentrated our recipes so that a 70cl bottle makes 28 drinks. It’s also perfect with sparkling water.

Planning for the weekend? Do you need some non-alcoholic aperitif for you, for guests? Whether you are a non-drinker, moderating or just fancy something fresh and full of flavour this weekend, you can order the award-winning Herb Verde and if you sign up to my newsletter, you can save £2 off  your first bottle.
Why not tag in a friend who wants to drink less alcohol.
Christmas Bundle.
Spiced Rhubarb 70cl, Copper mixing spoon & pourer - delivered nationwide for £28.
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Spiced Rhubarb.  Serve it with sparkling water, tonic, soda, lemonade or ginger ale.
Its also a great base for cocktails.
And it looks pretty :-)
It's December!
WOW almost another year gone in a flash!
Get your non-alcoholic aperitif in for Christmas or ready for Dry January?
Free UK delivery.

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Full of zing this one - called Sabrina's Sass.
1 shot (25ml) Herb Verde
175ml Cranberry Juice Drink (we used Ocean Spray)
A good squeeze of fresh lime juice
Ice cubes
Lime wedge and mint sprig to serve (optional)
Put ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
Pour over the Herb Verde and Cranberry Juice Drink.
Add the squeezed lime juice.
Cover the cocktail shaker and shake well.
Pour into a cocktail glass and serve with lime and mint.
Named for Sabrina Ghayour who makes some incredible recipes packed with flavour. Look up her Persiana cookbook or Sirocco - I love them.
The Drinks Kitchen Non-alcoholic Aperitif has been concentrated so that it makes 28 drinks per 70cl bottle - so 25ml of DK to up to 175ml of your mixer (and you can just use sparkling water*).
That's equivalent to 5.5 litres from one bottle.
*Use a @sodastreamgb or @aarke and save on secondary packaging

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Can you believe it’s December?
This year has literally whizzed by.
I have a few more weeks of making, posting and markets then a few days off to eat a lot of mince pies and cream!
Rosemary.  Like the needles of a Christmas tree.
Close your eyes and imagine what it smells like.
Actually Rosemary and pine needles have similar clean and medicated notes.

If you are trying to moderate or have given up drinking, going to a party can be tricky if most people are drinking alcohol.  Here are a few tips to help you:
-Firstly, you don't have to stay longer than you feel comfortable.  No one will mind if you go home early and they probably won't even notice if they've had a few. 
-Have something great planned to do the following morning that rewards your sobriety. You deserve it.
-If you can take along your own non-alcoholic alternatives then do or let your host know so they can help support you with some options beforehand.  Having a drink which makes it look like you are drinking can really help you not feel left out and stops others either, encouraging you 'have a drink' or shaming you for not.
-Amazingly, once you can get past the idea of not drinking at a party, you can actually enjoy it differently - catching up with friends and remembering the next day what you chatted about! Having a dance and not stumbling about. 
- Most importantly, look after you! If you are feeling really anxious about going to a party and not drinking then give it a miss.

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year?
I’m getting excited about putting up the Christmas tree - hopefully this week! Looking forward to family time and praying for some cold crisp days for walks on the beach. Happy for a simple Christmas this year.
Apparently it's Cyber Monday. So here is a repeat of my ongoing stupendous offer if you haven't taken it up already with new baubles to make it pretty.
-just let me loose on @canva and I am happy!
Oh and when you sign up to the newsletter - I will send you regular discounts as well.  I'm nice like that. 

Nice baubles by @yganko
You'll see alot of these during the next month.

I'm beginning to feel a bit festive....maybe its that I think we all need something fun to look forward to?
Anyway if you would like to pre-order my Aperitif for Christmas, there is a choice of the bundles (with copper mixing spoon and pourer) or you can just order the drinks and put a message in the instructions box that you want it sent the week before Christmas and I'll sort that for you.

We are out and about this weekend.
Tom’s @eatfestivals Taunton and I’m 
@rurallivingshow at Kings Hall School Taunton (today and tomorrow)
Tomorrow we are @tobaccofactorymarket Bristol.
#nonalcoholic #sobercurious
Filled Ice cubes is an easy way to make your drinks look pretty.  You can use fruits, herbs and flowers.
You can make them a few trays at a time then pop them into some zip lock bags so that you have a decent stock for when your friends come round.

#drinkstagram #drinksdecoration #nonalcoholic #iceicebaby #aperitif
Pugroni Cocktail (named for Percy my pug)

25ml Orange Cinchona
25ml Starlino Marachino Cherry Juice
(you do really need this brand, others just don’t have the same intense flavour but use red grape juice as an alternative)
100ml Water
Ice cubes 
Starlino cherries to decorate & cocktail stick
or rosemary
Put a few ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.

Add 25ml Orange Cinchona & 25ml Starlino
Cherry juice from the cherry jar.

Add 100ml water.

Shake then pour into a cocktail glass & decorate.


The Art of Aperitivo


In Italy, Aperitivo is so much more than just a drink, it’s an inherent part of the culture.  Between 6-9pm, bars are packed with families and friends socialising and catching up for a few hours over a drink and with a light snack before heading off to dinner.

What a great way to start the evening!  By enjoying a non-alcoholic Italian aperitif, we can make it an regular occurrence and drive home safely.

I think after 2020, we are all going to appreciate spending time with those we love even more and what better way, than with a glass of our aperitif in your hand.

award winning non-alcoholic aperitif from Somerset

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