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We create recipes using natural distillates & extracts from ingredients you use in your kitchen like orange, thyme, chilli & mint.

REVIEW: "Drinks Kitchen Aperitifs? Delicious Cool Ambrosia!"

“These beautifully and sustainably packaged bottles each deliver their own unique grown-up flavour experience.  Orange Cinchona is my non-alcoholic amber nectar; made long with sparkling water, it’s refreshingly satisfying with layers of flavour so unusual yet moreish, it’s hard to resist a second. Spiced Rhubarb & tonic with ice and a slice is refined sophistication and with notes of aromatic juniper, it’s hard to believe its not a G&T.  Herb Verde with Mediterranean tonic is the taste of holidays for me.  A cool glass of this immediately transports me to a beach-side bar in the Balearics – just heavenly.

Do yourself a flavour favour and give Drinks Kitchen a try”.

Rachael. Bradford On Avon


“We have been offering DK non-alcoholic aperitif in our restaurant for over 6 months now and our customers love it. It offers something a little bit different and special to our non-drinking customers. There is something for everyone in terms of flavour. The sweet Rhubarb, The bitter Orange and the Green herb. In their unusual ceramic bottles they look great too!”

Caroline @ Chefs Table


“I was introduced to this non-alcoholic drink at a festival and fell in love with the design of the bottle, so different to so many on the market already. Then I tried the product and the passion from Alli was obvious and it tastes great! I’ve had it on my back bar for some time now and it sells really well.”

Mary Galer, Miller of Mansfield, Goring


“We have tried all 3 of the non-alcoholic aperitifs and can highly recommend them all.  They were fabulous as an early evening drink, an alternative to the ‘gin & tonic’ and so delicious that it felt like a real treat. We enjoyed ours with sparkling water, this allowed the flavours of the aperitif to shine through.

My absolute favourite is the Orange Cinchona – I’m such a Negroni fan, it really has that vibe and my partner loved the Herb Verde which has a fresh and herby G&T taste”.

Helena A, Bristol

  • Non Alcoholic Aperitif

    Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl

  • Award winning Non-alcoholic Aperitif

    Spiced Rhubarb non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl

  • Non alcoholic aperitif Herb Verde Champion

    Herb Verde non-alcoholic Aperitif 50cl

  • Herb Verde non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

  • Spiced Rhubarb non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl

  • Orange Cinchona non-alcoholic Aperitif 70cl



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Drinks Kitchen Aperitif are something special for you to enjoy without alcohol. The recipes use distillates and extracts from fruits, herbs, spices & bitters blended to make a drinks kitchen aperitif packed with flavour.
The goal is delicious flavours from beginning to end. Handmade by Alli in Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

"These drinks help me make that transition from work to relaxing in the evening. In the past, I would have a glass of wine but I really wanted to cut down and change that habit because I felt my alcohol consumption was unhealthy." Alli.

New customers ask whether or not it's a Non Alcoholic Gin or Spirit.  How you use it is similar but you can just use sparkling water for your mixer as it's  packed with flavour and perfectly balanced without the need for tonic - but of-course, mix to suit your preference.

Spiced rhubarb

The fragrance & flavour of Rhubarb gives big impact in this recipe followed by aromatic juniper and ginger. A gentle chilli heat warms on the finish – Not overpowering but you know its there.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Spiced Rhubarb to 175ml of sparkling water, soda or tonic creates the perfect serve.

herb verde

The aroma of fresh mint and herbs sing in our Herb Verde.  The initial burst is of refreshing Mint together with the pea pod notes of Gentian, followed by  more subtle herby notes of Rosemary & Thyme.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Herb Verde to 175ml of sparkling water, soda, tonic or chilled green tea creates the perfect serve.

orange cinchona

Gentle woody notes from Cinchona & fruity Orange are the initial flavours followed by more zesty peel and herbaceous notes of quassia & oregano. Orange Cinchona has a gentle bitter sweet finish.

How to Serve
A 25ml measure of Orange Cinchona to 175ml of sparkling water or soda creates the perfect serve.

FREE UK Delivery

Delivery in the UK is Free. Order online & we’ll post your Aperitif for you to enjoy in a few days.



We use distillates & extracts made from best quality ingredients. All Vegan & Gluten free.


We have concentrated our recipes so that a 70cl bottle makes 28 drinks. It’s also perfect with sparkling water.

Just the most amazing food, seriously good! The service is relaxed and friendly and the restaurant is intimate &  cosy. It's definitely one of my favourite restaurants.
If you live locally or are coming to Bristol, check out @thechefstablebristol for lunch or dinner.
Cheers to a great weekend! 😊🍻🥂🤙

I love thyme.

I cook a lot with this little but powerful 🌿 herb.
I put in at least something for a roast - with roast potatoes, carrots, celeriac, or with the meat or I really like @lindamccartneyfoods veggie chicken roast.
I also really like it served with strong and sour cheeses - it’s little leaves mixed with some honey and topped onto an oat biscuit.

Thyme is also one of the base herbs in my Herb Verde non alcoholic aperitif. It adds a bit more punch with rosemary to the finish after the fresh fragrant mint and gentian lull you in. 

Over the past year, I have started to build up my stockists and I wanted to share with you some of the amazing retailers, restaurants & pubs who are stocking the Drinks Kitchen range.
East Street Emporium is one of my newer retailers and if you are in Bristol anytime, it is a fabulous place to visit as its a totally different retail experience.  Its a collaboration of over 60 independent makers selling everything from homewares, beauty, clothing, cards - pretty much everything.  If you are looking for a gift or a treat for you, this is the place to shop.

I went to London to see……my drinks, NOW IN SELFRIDGES 😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊 
A rather lovely drinks garnish station in the @hotelcaferoyal on Regent Street. I need to up my game!
A spring background this morning - 
I was driving home at 5 last night and it was still light! I felt a burst of excitement that spring is coming. Madness I know, because it’s still winter and freezing 🥶 but sunny 🌞 
Anyway, back to business!
Still only my 50cl baby bottles in stock (massive issue with supply but that’s another story!)
£17 delivered if you fancy a flavour bomb non-alcoholic treat.

It’s nearly nearly the weekend.
It’s not far from the end of January.
It’s not been raining now for at least 4 days.
I’m having a double date day - lunch out and friends for dinner.
Many reasons to smile 😊 
How about you?
Did you set yourself any New Years Resolutions?
If so how are you getting on? 
Its hard to keep up new habits.  I heard on a podcast this week that you have to have done it for 70 days for it to become one. 
For me I am on my 4th gym visit - just another 66 to go.
My non-alcoholic drinks pack a punch flavour wise so
if you love big flavour then they are definitely worth a try.
Herb Verde is Minty, fresh with depth added from the Gentian, Rosemary and Thyme 
Spiced Rhubarb is big on Rhubarb with added some pine like Juniper notes and Chilli & Ginger gentle heat.
Orange Cinchona is zesty Orange, with bitter notes from Cinchona bark and a blend of 17 herbs.

My favourite kind of light dinner is a Thai style salad.
Herb Verde is the perfect drink to accompany it.

200g rice  noodles
1 large carrot, cut into thin matchsticks
1/4 cucumber, seeds removed, cut into small chunks
1 red chilli, seeds removed, chopped finely 
300g peeled cooked prawns (tails intact), deveined
(You could use cooked chicken)
100g bean sprouts
Handful Thai basil or basil leaves 
Small handful fresh coriander
Handful fresh mint leaves

2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp fish sauce
1/3 cup (80ml) lime juice
1 long red chilli, seeds removed, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped

It’s a very easy recipe. Cook and refresh the rice noodles in cold water and drain.
Chop all the ingredients and mix with the cooled noodles.
Mix all the dressing ingredients together until the sugar dissolves and add to the salad ingredients.

Mix yourself a Herb Verde and enjoy 😉 

Laura & Martin own A Better Weigh Deli on Old Street in Clevedon and they also own a refill and zero waste shop opposite.  They have been stocking my drinks pretty much since I launched.
Laura is a fantastic cook and food lover so it was only right that this 2nd venture came along.  If you are local to the area, pop in for her amazing take-out lunches and coffee. They stock a really excellent deli shop and I rarely come away without having invested in some new treats! 
A little review including some posts from you brilliant lot!
#nonalcoholic #nonalcoholicspirits
It's January Sale month and I've knocked a £1 off the 50cl size of Drinks Kitchen Non-Alcoholic Aperitif.
And it's free delivery.
These babies make 20 drinks or up to 4 litres when you add your mixer so its pretty good value.
You can use sparkling water for your mixer.

I am so interested by how different peoples taste palates develop.
I love the bitterness of Orange Cinchona but I like all three variants for the different hits of fresh, spice and sweetness they deliver. 
My husband on the other hand only likes to drink the sweeter Spiced Rhubarb despite not liking chilli or ginger! He say's he's a Super Taster (it is a thing but I just think he's a fussy eater). 
Your palate develops from childhood into adulthood and as you try new foods but there are a % of children are adventurous tasters from a young age and love sour, bitter, chilli flavours - apparently these types of flavours produce serotonin in the brain and also activates a reaction and electrical jolt response when you taste them. I  think that some of us crave these dramatic responses to food and drinks just like some of us (my husband!) would like die happy wrapped in a blanket of meringue!


The Art of Aperitivo


In Italy, Aperitivo is so much more than just a drink, it’s an inherent part of the culture.  Between 6-9pm, bars are packed with families and friends socialising and catching up for a few hours over a drink and with a light snack before heading off to dinner.

What a great way to start the evening!  By enjoying a non-alcoholic Italian aperitif, we can make it an regular occurrence and drive home safely.

I think after 2020, we are all going to appreciate spending time with those we love even more and what better way, than with a glass of our aperitif in your hand.

award winning non-alcoholic aperitif from Somerset

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